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    NEWIEE Graduate School Panel

    September 26th, 2019

    Hosted with Greentown Labs and NEWIEE

    More details to come.

    Tactics to Find and Retain the Best Tech Talent

    September 17th, 2019

    Hosted with Startup Week Boston

    It’s difficult to not just find great engineers—but also to retain them! Needless to say, once you find great talent, you want to make sure you keep it.

    This panel of experts will discuss how they build solid engineering teams from day 1, including:

    • Advice on how to keep the team working smoothly

    • What tools and tactics to use

    • How to recruit your first employees

    • How to determine when you need more help

    Our panelists will also dive more into how to identify the right engineer for the job and how to determine the right balance between technical talent, interpersonal skills, and business-savvy and customer focus.



    *Webinar* Identifying What Makes You Happiest at Work

    September 17th, 2019

    Hosted with Ladies Get Paid

    Do What You Love is a catchy phrase, but how do you actually go about achieving it? Research shows we are happiest when our values (what is important to us) and our skills (what we're good at doing) overlap. This workshop will help you identify both your values and your core skills set, so you can make career decisions driven by what will fulfill you.

    Identifying your values will help you to:

    • Identify the kinds of activities, people and environments that you most desire in your work.
    • Determine which work environments best fit your personal and professional needs and the skills you would like to develop there.
    • Focus on career objectives that are important to both you and potential employers.

    Identifying your skills will help you to:

    • Create a sharper career focus by comparing your existing skills with those required in various areas of employment.
    • Understand which skills need further development in order to successfully compete in the job market.
    • Write a resume that advertises your skills.
    • Articulate in an interview the skills that match those required by potential employers.


    [Event Ended] *Webinar* Resolving Workplace Conflict

    September 17th, 2018

    Hosted with Tech Ladies

    Close your eyes and remember the most uncomfortable, fraught, and contentious meeting you've ever attended. Did your anxiety spike, pulse elevate, fight or flight instinct kick in? Do you wish you had the skills, in the moment, to deescalate and resolve the situation? Now you can!


    In this webinar you'll learn:

    - The three forms of mediation

    - How mediation can be used in workplace conflict

    - How to apply mediation to the most frequent workplace conflicts

    [Event Ended] Negotiate with Courage

    December 6th, 2017

    Hosted with The Massachusetts Conference For Women

    Women may be the majority of today’s college graduates, but less than a quarter of us make it past middle management. Ladies, it is time to advocate for yourself at work – we do have the ability to change this staggering reality! We will have a panel of ladies who will provide important talking points and give you the courage to get paid what you deserve.

    [Event Ended] The State of Equal Pay

    December 5th, 2017

    Hosted with General Assembly

    In July 2018, Massachusetts will enact landmark legislation to protect women in the workforce and move toward a more equitable future. What does this actually mean for us as career driven women?


    Our panel of cross-industry experts will: - share details of the Pay Equity bill - explain what it can mean for you as a new or continuing employee or hiring manager in MA - give strategies for advocating for your worth and getting paid what you deserve.

    [Event Ended] Set Your Goals for 2018

    December 5th, 2017

    Hosted with Tech Ladies

    Only 8% of people who set New Years goals achieve them! Don't let that be you. In this workshop, Lydia Bowers, Founder of dearpeopleops.com, themuse.com contributing author and Human Resources Masters Student at Cornell University, will help you set goals for 2018. Every attendee will leave with a clear set of actionable goals to kick butt in 2018.

    [Event Ended] Advocating For Yourself

    November 16th, 2017

    Hosted with Ladies Get Paid

    The year is coming to a close and performance reviews are looming. Are you ready to be your own best advocate? Or, better yet, do you know how to advocate for yourself throughout the year so that annual review is a breeze?

    In this webinar, Lydia Bowers, Founder of the HR Q&A Website Dear People Ops, Content Strategist at the Conflict Coaching Startup Bravely and a graduate student in Human Resources at Cornell University, will teach you best practices for getting recognition for the kick-a** project you lead, to nominating yourself for a promotion, to owning your ideas in a meeting.